Professor Details Next-Generation Design of Digital Filters

The Engineering and Technology Faculty at Birzeit University held a lecture on the current technological trends in digital filter design. The lecture, held on October 24  on the university campus, was delivered by the Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Wasfi Al- Kafri.

Dr. Al-Kafri began the lecture by defining the concept of a digital filter and its uses in signal processing. A digital filter, he explained, is a system that discards unwanted signals, referred to as noise, and amplifies the requested signals through mathematical operations.

Dr. Al-Kafri also detailed the differences between digital and analog filters. While both perform the same operation, he noted that digital filters can be programmed to implement a more precise cut-off frequency.

The professor also discussed his own digital filter design, describing the distinct techniques that his design incorporates and detailing its uses and possible real-life implementation.