Princeton University Professor is teaching at Birzeit University this Summer

Professor Christiane Fellbaum from Princeton University, U.S.A, will be visiting Birzeit University Sina Institute this month to conduct joint research and teach at the summer school organized by the Faculty of Information Technology.
The Sina Institute for Knowledge Engineering and Arabic Technologies has invited Professor Fellbaum to conduct joint scientific research in collaboration with the institute. She will also be teaching in the Faculty of Information Technology Summer School second course from July 27, 2013- August 2, 2013 (i.e. 21 teaching hours).
In light of the significance of Professor Fellbaum’s participation, Dr. Mustafa Jarrar, the director of Sina Institute said: “Fellbaum is a prominent computational linguist and one of the first inventors of the English Ontology (Wordnet). Professor Fellbaum is one of the Institute’s partners in the SIERA project that is funded by the European Union Programme (FP7). She is a specialist in multi-lingual and multi-cultural knowledge-sharing technologies. With her visit, we look forward to bridge and create further research cooperation between Birzeit University and Princeton University.”
Dr. Abdel Latif Abu Issa, the director of the Summer School, emphasized that “the summer school is a pedagogical activity conducted annually by Birzeit University and this year will be its sixth year in a row, where international scholars from well-reputable universities will teach summer courses to Bachelor and Master students from various Palestinian Universities.”
It is worth mentioning that Sina Institute has succeeded over the past few years in attracting and funding the participation of International Scholars in the summer schools namely: Professor David Chadwick from the University of Kent in the UK, Professor Paulo Bouquet from the University of Trento in Italy, Professor Marco Battini and Professor Gianluigi Viscusi from Milano University in Italy.