Poli-Sci Department Holds First Annual Conference on the Palestinian Political System

The Birzeit University Political Science Department held on April 15, 2013 its first annual conference on the Palestinian political system.
In his opening address, university president Khalil Hindi emphasized the role played in local politics by the university’s political scientists and expressed his hope that they will play a greater role and positively impact events.
Faculty of Law and Public Administration Dean Asem Khalil congratulated the Political Science Department for taking the initiative to hold this conference, entitled "The Palestinian Political System: Between the dictates of necessity and the necessity of gaining legitimacy."
"We hope that the department, its faculty members and students remain an integral part of this community,” he added, “and we wish Birzeit University to go beyond teaching and head towards the production of knowledge and impacting society.”
Department chairperson Abdul Rahman Al-Haj Ibrahim said that the conference would address political eventualities and repercussions from the Arab region on the Palestinian situation, most importantly the national project.