Planning at Heritage Sites Explored at Sweden Workshop

In cooperation with the Architectural Department and Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture masters program at Birzeit University, a workshop on planning and life at heritage sites was organized by the Urban Heritage Cluster at the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg, Sweden from April 29 to May 5.
Eight students and two professors, Manal Al-Bishawi and Shadi Al-Ghadban, from Birzeit University visited the University of Gothenburg for an intensive week of discussions on issues related to heritage conservation and urban planning practices.
The workshop consisted of lectures, focus group discussions, guided study visits in the city of Gothenburg, presentations by participants, and a submission of a reflection paper at the workshop’s close. Two Birzeit University masters students in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture stayed in Göteborg for three weeks to expand on issues they learned in the workshop for their masters’ theses.