Physiologists Explain Effects of Meth and Synthetic Drugs

The Deanship of Students Affairs held on November 9, 2016 an awareness lecture on the illegal drug methamphetamine presented by psychotherapist Majid Alloush and social worker Afaf Rabie'. The lecture was organized in cooperation with the Al-Sadiq Taieb Association.

Rabie' explained how synthetic drugs are manufactured in hidden laboratories, utilizing substances that are commonly used in medications, and mixed in a haphazard and harmful manner. The chemicals used in manufacturing the drugs have helped spread it among young people.

Rabie' reported on the increasing number of drugs addicts internationally. According to Rabie', more than 230 million people have tried drugs, and there are 27 million addicts worldwide. In Palestine, collected statistics show that around 45,000 to 60,000 Palestinians take illicit drugs, and 20,000 are addicted.

"Chemical drugs are now widespread in Palestine under various names and forms," Rabie' stated. "This type [of drug in particular] has numerous dangerous side effects, such as making a person aggressive and violent, causing hallucinations and shortness of breath, and preventing the drug user from focusing.”

Alloush said that there were two reasons for the wide distribution of synthetic drugs: their low price, and their introduction into various venues via legitimate purchases in Israel. He then emphasized the importance of organizing awareness lectures in academic institutions as a means of combatting this ill.