Physics Department salutes its friend, supporter for receiving Lawrence Bragg Medal 2018

Birzeit University’s Department of Physics congratulates Professor Bobby Acharya of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics and Kings College London for winning the Lawrence Bragg Medal and Prize of 2018 for his contributions to several projects to teach and promote physics in low- and medium-income countries (LMCs), with the ultimate aim of developing sustainable physics research in those countries.

Professor Bobby Acharya has Indian origins, and was expelled from Uganda. In 2013, Acharya started an annual course at Birzeit University in the West Bank. This 45-hour particle-physics course is taught to master’s students, assisted by post-doctoral volunteers. Most of the students have been female, with several now undertaking PhDs at well-recognized European universities. Acharya also collaborates with the Department of Physics in organizing “Physics without Frontiers” in partnership with Dr. Kate Shaw, which includes  masterclasses for new scientists

The collaboration between Birzeit University and Acharya started through an agreement signed between the International Centre for Theoretical Physics and the UNESCO Chair in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, established in 2006 at Birzeit University, and headed by professor of physics at the university Henry Giacaman.

During her visit to the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy, Wafaa’ Khater, a professor of Physics at Birzeit University extended her congratulations to Acharya and expressed her pride in collaborating with the center.  She added, “We are extremely content with this fruitful partnership, and proud of our students’ achievements that are recognized wherever they are worldwide.  We are keen to continue this collaboration and further enhance it to help our students grow and blossom.”