Physics academics highlights advanced sciences at Istanbul conference

Birzeit University’s physics professor Edward Sader, and lecturer Doa Abu Murra and lecturer Areej Abdelrahman participated in the fifth International Conference on Advanced technology and Science (ICAT’17) which was organized by Bahcesehir University (BAU) in Istanbul, Turkey on 9-12 May 2017.

Abu Murra presented an oral talk about “Properties of Multilayered Mg-based Guided Mode Resonance Filters GMRFs” under the supervision of Prof. Sader. Abdelrahman presented a paper on the “Center of Mass Motion and the Mott Transition in Light nuclei” under the supervision of Prof. Henry Giacaman. Both papers were rewarded as the best papers.

 ICAT conferences have taken attractions of colleagues all around the world and resulted as efficient and effective scientific exchange platform for scientists. Scientist meet to discuss subjects about their expertise, to exchange their ideas, to start new cooperation’s for projects and to have sustainable scientific network.

BAU, which was founded in 1998, is one of the most important universities in Istanbul. The powerful location of the university at the center of Istanbul attracts foreign students from different countries around the world. BAU has many several branches in different countries (e.g. Washington, Berlin, Boston and Azerbaijan).

The university provides also a program to its teachers and students to exchange experiences with other universities, such as, New York University, Harvard University and Berlin University. BAU always tends to graduate qualified students in different fields.