Photography Exhibit Documents Palestinian Plants and Flowers

Birzeit University president Khalil Hindi and Vice President for Advancement Ghassan Khatib inaugurated on May 8, 2013 an exhibition of photography by physics professor Ziad Izzat entitled “Flowers and Rain”. BZU faculty members, employees and students attended the opening, which features Palestinian nature, wildflowers and plants.
Izzat said that the exhibition is intended to document and introduce students to plants and flowers found in Palestine, and to strengthen the relationship between the human being and his or her homeland by appreciating its beauty.
“The exhibition endorses several important messages for both students and teachers,” Izzat said. “It encourages them to work in and be creative in fields other than their academic and scientific fields. It is also a call to unleash their ideas and creativity, and [creates] an aesthetic space for the mind and heart on the university campus.”