PAS Program Launches Evening Courses in Ramallah

Building on its long and successful experience in teaching courses in Arabic language, and political and social science courses related to Palestine and the Middle East to international students, Birzeit University is launching new evening courses at the Center of Continuing Education in Ramallah.

These courses are meant for internationals studying or working in Palestine. Twelve students from various diplomatic offices and institutions have already enrolled in these courses. The evening academic program is divided into two tracks: Beginning Colloquial Arabic and Intermediate Colloquial Arabic. Each class meets for three hours a day, three days a week, over the course of four weeks. Upon the completion of 45 hours of classwork , participants will receive a certificate.

The new evening courses are offered in addition to PAS’ regular morning schedule taught at Birzeit University. The PAS program will open new evening courses in Modern Standard Arabic, or “Fusha,” as well as more Colloquial Arabic courses in February 2015.