Panel discussion highlights success stories of women with special needs

Birzeit University’s Centre for Development Studies (CDC) held a panel discussion to highlight success stories of Palestinian women with special needs.

The panel demonstrated that many Palestinian women with special needs are working in pilot projects in the West Bank where they have been able to overcome the challenges associated with their disability and have become economically and socially independent.

Nahed Samarah, coordinator of the project “Let Us Begin Social and Economic Pioneering Work,” explained that the panel discussion is part of the larger project, executed by CDC with the support of EducAid and in partnership with the Ramallah and Hebron chambers of commerce, Rantis Association, Aswat Association and An-Najah University.

Samarah pointed out that the pioneering work project seeks to solidify the economic and social statuses of women with special needs, as they are the least fortunate group of society in terms of reaching resources. She said that the pilot projects shown in the panel reflect the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity and aim to surmount the harsh social and economic circumstances Palestinians are facing.

Imtiaz Abu Awwad, one of the panel’s participants and an entrepeneur shared her success story. Abu Awwad then called on all women with special needs, encouraging them to demonstrate a strong will and to challenge the political, social and economic circumstance imposed upon Palestinians.

The panel discussion forms part of a cooperative, interactive framework that aims at building a mutually appreciative and acknowledging context between society’s institutions and women with special needs. It is part of CDC’s vision and parcel of its programs that work on providing alternative models in order to support persons with special needs.