PalTel to Fund PhD Scholarships for Academic Staff

President Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh on Thursday, October 8, received a delegation from PalTel Group to look into possible opportunities to cooperate and support academic projects at the university.

Welcoming PalTel Executive Director Ammar Aker and Jawwal General Manager Abdul Majeed Melhem, President Abu Hijleh praised PalTel and Jawwal’s efforts to develop and serve the Palestinian economy, support social, students and development activities, and provide job opportunities to new graduates.

Abu Hijleh said that this cooperation plays a major role in advancing higher education in Palestine, especially in light of the ongoing fiscal hardship gripping Palestinian universities.

The two sides discussed ways that Birzeit University is supporting its more than 3,000 students and how Paltel can contribute more. Abu Hijleh and his guests reviewed a new and fully-funded program by PalTel Group to support Community Development. The program is a scholarship for university lecturers to obtain a PhD from prestigious international universities in fields that are of particular importance to the university and Palestinian society.

PalTel’s Executive Director Aker affirmed that cooperation with the university is ongoing and that supporting education is one of the company’s priorities, due to the role education plays in building the nation.

 “We constantly aspire to encourage excellence in Palestine and support the education sector because it is an integral part of our social responsibility towards the Palestinian community, which will grow and flourish with the help of our promising youth who support our country and its economy," he said.