Paltel and BZU Sign an Agreement for Faculty PhD Grants

On 26 March 2012,
BZU signed an agreement with the Palestinian
Telecommunication Group (Paltel) for a grant to cover
scholarships for BZU faculty members who seek their
doctoral degrees from renowned international universities.

The signing ceremony was attended by
BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi; Paltel CEO, Mr. Ammar Aker; and Assistant Deputy Minister for Higher
Education, Dr. Fahoum Shalaby.



Dr. Hindi
thanked Paltel for supporting higher education. He noted: "Undoubtedly
capacity building of the teaching and research staff
is a critical factor in academic development, as we are keen to maintain the highest ratio of students to teachers who hold
doctoral degrees among
the Palestinian universities. This requires continuous faculty development, particularly in the form of doctoral studies, as
PhDs have become increasingly necessary credentials for teaching at
university level."

Dr. Shalaby commended the partnership between higher education institutions and the Palestinian private sector. He thanked Paltel for assuming social responsibility.

Mr. Aker underscored the continuous cooperation between Paltel
and BZU,
stressing that Paltel
has prioritized the support of education as a tool for achieving liberation and state building.

The duration
of the Paltel grant is for a period of five years, aiming at the academic development of BZU teaching staff and students.