Palestinian researcher re-reads Palestine political experience

The Political Science Department at Birzeit University held on May 25, 2017 a lecture on the Palestinian national experience. Palestinian scholar Majed Kayyali presented the lecture offering a critical review for Palestine's struggle to liberation.

Kayyali pointed out that the Palestinian Liberation Organization was able to strengthen the Palestinian unity and renew the institutions vitality and openness to different options. Today, according to Kayyali, the PLO is marginalized, and the effectiveness of our leadership and institutions has been dwindling over the years.

Pointing out to the role of local media, Kayyali said that news agencies are becoming national daily affiliated with the political parties, and follow their agenda. Political criticism, in addition, is also resembles the competition between factions, which, in turn, does not answer questions or give solutions for the Palestinians' needs.

Kayyali said that the problem with our path towards liberation is that our leadership did not put a strategic plan to address the public on how to contribute in this struggle. Our experience lacked planning, and was utterly spontaneous. "Starting with armed resistance, the Palestinian leaders turned into negotiations and changed its means of liberation without explaining why to the public.

Kayyali concluded by saying: "There are no critical opinions that are able to offer insights to enlighten Palestinians to the best mean of resistance.”