Palestinian police and tools for monitoring them

 The Faculty of Law and Public Administration at BZU organized a Lecture on  9 November 2010, delivered by the Director of Judicial Police, Iyad Shtayyeh, on the topic "the Palestinian police and tools for monitoring them." He addressed the aspects of internal control in the police service, including the formation of security police management, responsible for the formulation of binding rules for the police to prevent any abuses against the citizens. He also addressed the methods of external control of the police body , including the specialized committees of the Legislative Council and the complaints by citizens as well as the Office of Financial and Administrative Control in addition to the Presidential Office and the Office of the Prime Minister.

In the context of cooperation between the Palestinian police on one hand, and the Faculty of Law and Public Administration and the Institute of Law at BZU on the other hand, aiming to strengthening the principle of community partnership between the two institutions, the Department of Public Administration held two lectures during the first semester of 2010/2011. The first lecture was held on 26/10/2010 on "The role of the police in community service" by Dr. Khalid Sabatin, while the second lecture was held on 6/11/2010 on "the Palestinian police as one of the  pillars of the integrity system in Palestine," delivered by Major Ali Qaimary.