Palestinian Novelist, Poet Ibrahim Nasrallah Visits University

Palestinian critic, poet and award-winning novelist Ibrahim Nasrallah spoke about his work and experiences in a public lecture organized by the Faculty of Arts in partnership with the Media Department.Nasrallah talked about his series of novels, The Palestine (Tragi) Comedies, that cover 250 years of the Palestinian history in no particular order. “Part of my ambition is to surprise the reader that knew Palestine and lived in it with the fact that they did not know it as they had thought,” Nasrallah said.“A Palestinian living in Gaza has experienced different political conditions from those living in the West Bank or diaspora. Therefore, through my novels I try to go to a spiritual journey deep inside the Palestinian individual, cross time and space, defy logic and embrace his story through my narratives,” Nasrallah said.Nasrallah said that his passion for telling the Palestinian story stems from his awareness of the importance of literature in popular heritage.Nasrallah was born in 1954 and spent his childhood and youth in the Alwehdat Palestinian Refugee Camp in Amman, Jordan. Since 2006, he has been a full-time writer and has published 14 poetry collections and 17 novels, including his epic fictional project of eight novels.