PADUCO Committees Assemble to Discuss the Second Phase of the Cooperation Program

The Steering Committee and the Technical and Advisory Committee of  The Palestinian-Dutch Academic Cooperation Program on Water (PADUCO) refined mechanisms to develop the strategy of the second phase of collaboration during their meeting on February 29, 2016.

The meeting was held at Birzeit University with representatives of the five Palestinian Universities (Birzeit, An-Najah, Alquds, Polytechnique, and Khadoorei) in addition to representatives of the Palestinian Water Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Authority.

The Steering Committee and the Technical and Advisory Committee discussed the concept proposal for the second phase (2016-2019) of the project that was approved for financing by the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah. The overall objective is to strengthen and develop educational and research collaboration between the Palestinian and Dutch partner universities to contribute to solving major issues that face the Palestinian water sector.

Extensive discussions focused on the following issues: Conducting and disseminating joint research to identify local needs and conditions of water sector in Palestine; the need for expanding PADUCO by including partners from Gaza Strip; and the importance of partnering with non-governmental and private institutions.

The National Coordinator of PADUCO, Dr. Maher Abu-Madi, stressed on the importance of continuing to meet to develop a detailed road map for the next phase of the project.