Opening of Palestine Week at BZU

BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, met with the Minister of State, Dr.Maher Ghoneim on 23 November 2010, who opened the Palestine Week, organized by BZU Student Council in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs, attended by the Dean of Student Affairs, Mohammad Al-Ahmad, and the Ministry's staff, as well as a crowd of BZU university students.

Dr. Hindi stressed that the university will always be at the forefront for defending the rights of the Palestinian people, in order to build their own independent state. He added that the Palestine Week is part of BZU activities, in service of the Palestinian cause, emphasizing the need for BZU students to become the pillars of the future and leaders of this nation.

The Minister of State explained that such an event is held in the light of the ongoing attacks of the settlers against Palestinian citizens and denying their right to enter their lands, pointing out that 3200 dunums were subject to damage by settlers, along with  the damage to 62 thousand olive trees, in addition to the demolition of schools, mosques and tombs.

Dr. Ghoneim pointed to the acceleration of judaization procedures in the city of Jerusalem under daily Israeli attacks and harassments faced by its citizens , Israel has worked on the expulsion of more than 115,000 Jerusalemites, who were isolated in communities outside the city.

Dr. Ghoneim appealed to BZU students to activate the role of the student movement through volunteer work, pointing out that the government will continue to shoulder its responsibilities towards the families, stressing that the festival reflects the will of the Palestinian people to stick to their land and heritage, rejecting the settlements and the wall of annexation and expansion.

The Head of BZU Student Council, Ayman Sater, presented a trophy to the Minister Ghoneim, in recognition of his efforts, followed by a presentation entitled: "Facts and Figures from the West Bank and Gaza Strip." On  the sidelines of the opening ceremony. two exhibitions were opened in Kamal Nasser Hall and the Faculty of Engineering at BZU.