Opening of Mohammad Masrouji Media Building at Birzeit University

On 4 July 2013, the Mohammed Masrouji Media building at Birzeit University was opened in the presence of the Board’s Chairman Dr. Hanna Nasir, University President Dr. Khalil Hindi, Chairman and General Manager of Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Mr. Mohammed Masrouji, members of the board of trustees and university administration, as well as a number of Palestinian high-ranking officials.
Dr. Nasir thanked Masrouji for funding the construction of the media building, pointing out that the support of construction projects at the university enhances its capabilities and strengthens its role in graduating qualified generations that contribute to state- building.
Dr. Hindi said that Birzeit University is lucky with its friends and supporters, pointing out that "the university would not have reached this high academic standard without the great support by the university’s many supporters and friends, including Mr. Mohammed Masrouji.
Mr. Masrouji valued the university’s ongoing substantial contributions to scientific progress in Palestine. He added, "We are looking forward to free media, not being bought or sold, and to the creation of a new generation of cultured journalists, who are aware of our just cause."
In fact, the Masrouji media 6-storey building with an area of 3,000 square meters includes the Media Development Center and Media Department. It also consists of radio and montage (editing) studios, as well as a huge TV studio, in addition to staff offices.