Omar al Aqqad Faculty of Engineering at BZU holds the Engineering Day

On behalf of BZU President, Dr. Adnan Yahya, Vice President for Academic Affairs, said that BZU is highly committed to the advancement of the engineering theory and practice at all levels, in partnership with all those concerned. He added: BZU considers the efforts undertaken are envisaged in the importance of having a close relationship between academia and industry, and in the need for cooperation between the parties which is indispensable for each of them.

This came during the opening of the Engineering Day on 19 April 2011, sponsored by the Palestine Development and Investment Company / PADICO Holding, and attended by the Vice President for Academic Affairs,  Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Afif Hasan, Mr. Sameer Huleileh Director of PADICO Holding, Mr. Habib Imseeh,  President of the Alumni Association, Vice President of the Engineers Association, Mr. Mohammed Abu Ajamieh, and a big number of businessmen, managers of companies and families of students and graduates

Dr. Afif Hasan stated that the Engineering Day is held for the 7th year in a row, representing  the Faculty's  continued direction towards the promotion and development of the relationship between the academic, professional and engineering community in Palestine. The organizers of the event have invited more than 25 companies to participate in the engineering exhibition, in addition to the participation of more than 25 graduate students' projects. In concurrence with the Engineering Day, a career day was organized, in which ten local and international companies have participated, led by the CCC , which has been employing the graduates of the Faculty of Engineering at BZU for more than 15 years.


Mr. Huleileh clarified the nature of the relationship between the private sector and academic institutions, describing it as an organic relationship, related to corporate governance within the context of promoting effective mutual cooperation between the private sector and academia. He added: the relationship is not marginal and is not part of the corporate social responsibility, but an interactive and constant relationship between the two parties. He explained  that the private sector is committed to local knowledge advancement, as part of its work in investing in the infrastructure of institutions, and the best example on that is investment in universities. He spoke about the importance of continuous learning after graduation, calling upon academic institutions to conduct applied research in the field of engineering.


Mr. Abu Ajamieh defined the role of the Engineers Association in the training of engineers through the training center, and rehabilitation programs for engineers, and presented a definition of the joint issues between the Engineers Association and BZU in terms of dealing with faculty members and alumni, announcing an alumni  meeting during the Engineering Day.

The President of the Alumni Association, Mr. Imseeh, addressed the goals of the Association pertaining to constant communication with the engineering graduates and projects for the Association, in addition to supporting the Faculty in the development of its programs

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Engineering seeks to secure job opportunities by arranging interviews for its students with companies and engineering firms. Moreover,  this event was a great opportunity for students to get to know a number of companies through the exhibition held on that day, in addition to presenting their creative projects to all sectors of society, as said by Dr. Zalatimo.


The activities of the Engineering Day continued for two days, 19-20 April, which included an exhibition by the participating companies, presentation of the virtual reality, a seminar by the Engineers Association, alumni meeting, in addition to a sports activity, sponsored by the Royal Company and  lectures, held by a number of companies, Ministry of National Economy and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at BZU.