New Water Management Technologies Presented in Workshop

Advanced wastewater treatment technologies for water management and treatment and reuse were explored in a workshop organized on April 27, 2016 by the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies at Birzeit University.The workshop focused on the membrane bioreactors process and its suitability for Palestinian water reuse applications. It also presented the results of the studies done by the Palestinian-Dutch Academic Cooperation Program on Water (PADUCO) program.Some of the institute’s MA students presented their work related to water quality management and control of water pollution. Other studies featured included methods of removing heavy metals and their effects on plant growth and soil.Institute of Environmental and Water Studies faculty member Rashed Al-Sa’ed pointed out that water scarcity and water pollution are problems that must be solved. He suggested that the application of membrane bioreactors, which provides the benefits of biological treatment, will reduce the amount of wastewater in Palestine.Field visits to water treatment units on the Birzeit University campus and in the Al-Tirah neighborhood in Ramallah were also part of the workshop.