New semester starts with new programs, new group of PhD students

Birzeit University commenced its second semester of the academic year 2019–2020 on February 6, 2020, welcoming its new undergraduate and graduate students. The university currently teaches more than 14,500 students enrolled in nine faculties.

“On this occasion,” university president Abdullatif Abuhijleh said, addressing the students, “it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to a new semester at Birzeit University. For our new students, it marks the beginning of a new life with new achievements. For the others, today means the continuation of an ongoing journey.”

Abuhijleh pointed out that each academic year brings both opportunities and challenges. He stressed that despite all the hardships it has been facing, Birzeit University has been able to bring about more successes and accolades in this academic year. The university was ranked the first Palestinian and 41st Arab university by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) for 2018–2020, based on the high level of expertise among its distinguished faculty and its excellent research output.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Khalid Swaileh highlighted that the current academic year started with new academic programs that lead to master’s degrees, namely the programs in oncology nursing and in private and public law. Birzeit University, Swaileh continued, has furthermore accepted a new group of students in its doctorate program in social sciences and welcomes new international students in the Palestine and Arabic Studies Program.

Birzeit University continues to build new partnerships and expand existing cooperation agreements to enable its students and teaching staff to conduct scientific research and carry out studies with local and international partners.