New research network for junior legalists to strengthen Palestinian narrative in international law

H.H. Shaikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor for Constitutional and International Law Asem Khalil officially launched the Junior Palestinian Legal Experts Network (JPLE). The network supports research, scholarly articles, and academic publications that promote the Palestinian narrative and perspective reflected in constitutional and public law. It aims to challenge the narratives on Palestine prevailing in literature on international law and seeks to  build connections with Palestinian and Arab law faculties and colleges to conduct joint research and facilitate legal encounters.

The newly inaugurated network targets Palestinian law alumni who graduated from Palestinian or international universities, have an interest in public international law, and are fluent in written and spoken English.

Asem Khalil, a professor of constitutional and international law and the holder of the H.H. Shaikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani of Constitutional and International Law chair at Birzeit University, supervises the work of the network that engages a number of instructors from various law faculties in Palestine, among them Hala Shoaibi, Birzeit University; Munir Nusseibeh, Al-Quds University; Atta Hindi, Diakonia Organization; Jamil Salem, Birzeit University; and Sanaa Alsarghali, An-Najah National University.

The network is now composed of 20 distinguished law students and Birzeit University alumni, including Ahmad Doudin, Osayd Awawda, Elias Alhihi, Dana Farraj, Rana Assi, Rana Fawadleh, Rawan Fares, Fouad Massad, Vicky HandalCatherine Abuamsha, Lana Khader, Mira Salhi, Mira Khayyat, Micheline Deeik, Nadia Abu Alia, Nour Halabi, Haya Omari, Yara Abu Meizer, Yara Zarir, and Yasmin Khamis.

JPLEN started its activities in 2018 and has hosted Ralf Wilde, a British expert in international law, in a legal encounter. It has furthermore prepared its team to review and analyze research papers and studies on issues related to Palestine and the Palestinian context  which have been published in legal and academic journals.