New Program in Environmental Engineering at Birzeit University

At the beginning of the new academic year 2018/2019, Birzeit University undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in global actions of environmental protection and preservation, through the newly launched program in Environmental Engineering.

Environmental engineering encompasses the scientific assessment and development of engineering solutions to environmental problems, by exploring the inter-dependencies between pressing environmental concerns and development pressures, such as rapid urban development, scarcity of natural resources, and the rapid growth of population.

The dean of the faculty, Khalid Abaza, said that the program is concerned with developing a solid infrastructure for renewable energy, solid waste disposal, water resources, wastewater discharge, recycling and reuse, and solid waste recycling, among others. The program focuses on providing practical solutions to real world problems by planning, designing, managing, and running water and environmental installations.

Abaza pointed, “Amid the ongoing global interest in studying the inter-connectivity between water engineering and the environment, this program opens great opportunities for our students.” He named a number of career paths that graduates of this program could choose, including environmental work at: municipalities, ministries, profit and non- profit organizations, research centers, and engineering consultancies, in addition to different opportunities in developing new projects on water and the environment, and building new cities that are environmentally-friendly.