New "Media Program" provides Birzeit students with interdisciplinary knowledge

"In this day and age, it's all about social media, digital production and having fun with technology, combined with learning the basics of traditional media,” says head of the media department Jumane Qunnaisse. “That's what the focus is for our new media program at Birzeit University."

While it's been around for more than 20 years, the Media Department has really taken off this year. The department is offering an interdisciplinary curriculum in media theory, design, and practice with an emphasis on the production of video, audio, and web-based and mobile-based media.

Students will have to complete 136 credit hours, where they will learn the basics of media. Journalists will be qualified to work in interdisciplinary careers, i.e., in television, radio, print and electronic media, social media, and mobile-based media.

"This new contemporary program will emphasize the study of global media, digital media and new technologies, media theory and visual media. When the students complete the program, they'll be able to write and edit, produce and photograph, present, and learn the techniques of social media, electronic media, and mobile-based media," Qunnaisse said.

Qunais also underscored that the department will be teaching new courses on media ethics, media laws, and issues on gender. "These courses will be the first in Palestine. A master's program in media and a diploma will soon be announced."