New cooperation offers Arabic language conference and new cultural programs

A joint-academic conference on the Challenges and future prospects of teaching Arabic to Non-native speakers with the Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science will be organized soon with Birzeit University.

The university, represented by the President Abdullatif Abuhijleh and the Secretary General of the Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science Murad Al Sudani agreed to work together on the conference, in addition to organizing workshops and lectures on academic, cultural and media issues.

Abuhijleh expressed his enthusiasm about the cooperation describing it as a necessary step towards a better integration between culture and higher-education, which will contribute in building communication and cultural bridges among Palestinians, non-native students and international organizations.

The president reaffirmed the university’s acknowledgement to the importance of promoting the Arabic Language worldwide amid the high linguistic and cultural competency in the era of globalization. “The university offers a combined experience of language and culture the Palestine and Arabic Studies Program for International students. We believe that education is culture in motion, combined with an academic portion comprised of Arabic language and social science courses.”

Al Sudani talked about the Commission’s role in contributing to building solid academic and cultural institutions. “We aim at strengthening our ties with the local institutions and international organizations, where we can share experiences and work integrally to contribute in the process of sustainable development.”