New Book on Domestic and International Arbitration Published by Birzeit University

The Birzeit University Faculty of Law and Public Administration held a book launching ceremony on March 15, 2014. "Domestic and International Arbitration under the Palestinian Arbitration Act No. (3) of 2000: A Comparative Study" was written by law professor Yousef Shendi. It is the first book published ed by the faculty as part of a curriculum, thus advancing legal education in Palestine and the Arab world.

Faculty of Law and Public Administration Dean Asem Khalil introduced the book, and described the faculty’s vision of supporting scientific research by professors and students. "This book will contribute to a comprehensive and integrated perception of legal thought in the field of domestic and international arbitration,” said Khalil, “whereas the judge, arbitrator, lawyer, legal researcher and law students in Palestinian and Arab universities are expected to benefit from the book."

Author Shendi then described major topics of the book, which provide comparative study of legal systems in France, Egypt, Jordan and other countries. "The book is comprised of an introductory chapter devoted to the study of what is arbitration,” Professor Shendi said, “and four chapters focusing on the arbitration agreement, arbitral tribunal, arbitration proceedings and arbitration decision."