Networking Week in Spain Explores Cooperation Horizons with International Universities

Prospects for the development of academic interactions between universities were the focus of the International Networking Week held at the University of Duesto in Spain. Birzeit University, along with sixteen Arab and international participating universities discussed the means of expanding academic cooperation with the universities around the world.

The university, represented by the Director of the External Academic Relations Office and Office of Grants and Contracts Amir Khalil, the Director of the Palestine and Arab Studies Program Tina Rafidi, and the Office of Grants and Contracts Officer Nadine Khoury, examined the prospects and challenges of international academic exchange programs, and the processes and policies of supporting the mobility of students and academics, as well as the Erasmus+ projects for capacity building.

Khalil explained the internationalization strategy of the university: “to be a leading center of creative thought and education. We strive to achieve academic excellence that is relevant to the global challenges. Our strategy needs to make a practical sense to help all of us operate and achieve in the international environment we all work in.”

“Mobility programs are one of the means,” Khalil alluded. “We need internationalization to be threaded throughout the university here and abroad, at all levels, from the activities our students through to those of our staff.”

Khalil explained the policies and procedures the university takes to encourage and facilitate the students and faculty’s mobilization to international countries. He saluted Birzeit University’s four students, who enrolled in a mobility program to the University of Duesto; “We are proud to have such students who have shown great dedication and commitment during the one-semester program.”

Birzeit University believes that internationalization is an interactive. Rafidi explained about the university’s endeavor to overcome the political impediments, and host international students at the university. "Each semester, we welcome students from across the world for them to engage in our culture, learn about our Palestinian context, and learn new perspectives. Our PAS program provides the opportunity for international students to combine their study of the Arabic language with social science classes taught by knowledgeable, experienced and passionate teachers.”

The university’s representatives expressed their enthusiasm in developing and expanding international partners through the development and growth of transnational education. Birzeit University’s mission of internationalization and capacity building continue to build and strengthen its reputation for excellence in academia and research.

During the week, economics and business administration Dr. Muhannad Abu Rjaileh was a visiting professor at the Spanish university.