Nasr Honored at Business and Economics Faculty Meeting

Birzeit University’s Faculty of Business and Economics honored former dean and current chairman of the Palestinian Capital Market Mohamed Nasr for his service heading the Faculty of Business and Economics. The honor was made during the annual introduction meeting for faculty members held on September 29, 2014. The faculty meeting was attended by President Khalil Hindi and Faculty of Business and Economics Dean Yousef Daoud.

Hindi welcomed the new faculty members, commending the efforts undertaken by Nasr during his service and adding that the Council of Ministers has appointed Nasr as chairman of the Palestinian Capital Market as not only a personal recognition, but also an acknowledgement to Birzeit University, of which Birzeit is very proud.

Daoud talked about the importance of the annual faculty meeting in strengthening relationships between faculty members, announcing that the faculty had admitted more than 680 new students this year, and introduced new specializations in response to labor market needs.