Ministry of Social Affairs To Support Needy Students in New Agreement

Birzeit University has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Social Affairs that will build partnership in the social security sector, assist needy students, and strengthen the university’s leading role in community service and development.

The agreement stipulates that the Ministry of Social Affairs will provide assistance to Birzeit University by surveying the needs students selected by the university at the beginning of every semester. Also, the ministry will provide grants for needy students who are registered with the ministry as qualifying for social benefits.

The June 2, 2014 signing ceremony was attended by Birzeit University President Khalil Hindi and Minister Kamal Sharafi, and witnessed by Vice President for Administrative Affairs Adel Zagha, Vice President for Advancement Ghassan Khatib, Dean of Student Affairs Mohammed Al-Ahmed, director general of the Minister of Social Affairs Office Suleiman Al Waary, head of the Public Relations and Media Unit in the ministry, Ihsan Al-Deek, and the minister’ advisor for international relations, Basimah Suboh.

Student Affairs dean Mohammad Al-Ahmad said that the agreement also states that through the voluntary work program, university students will volunteer in community service under the ministry’s umbrella and the ministry will train students in their respective fields of specialization.