Ministry of Higher Education releases 1996/97 statistics report

The Ministry of Higher Education issued its first statistical guidebook on Palestinian universities for the academic year 1996-1997. The guidebook showed a significant increase in the number of students, fields of study and variety of programs.

According to the guidebook, the number of students accepted in the undergraduate program in universities in 1996/97 reached 7,923 male students (55.3 percent) and 6,396 female students (44.7 percent). There were 25,722 male students and 19,67 female students registered at all levels in university.

There is a total of 799 teachers and professors in Palestinian universities who hold a Doctorate, 659 with Masters' degrees and 287 holding a BA.

There are 285,836 books in Arabic, 247,688 in English and 5,804 in other languages in university libraries.