Ministry of Higher Education condemns Israeli attack on Birzeit

The Ministry of Higher Education held a press conference on March 11, 2018, to detail the string of events which took place on March 7, when an undercover Israeli unit infiltrated Birzeit University’s campus and kidnapped engineering student and Head of the Student Council Omar Kiswani.

The press conference was attended by Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Saidam, President of Birzeit University Abdullatif Abuhijleh, and Ministry of Information Undersecretary Fayez Abu Aita.

Saidam called upon all national and international human rights and legal organizations to carry out their responsibilities regarding the Israeli violations and crimes and to intervene at the highest levels to stop them.

“The attack on Birzeit University is organized state-terror and unprecedented Israeli tyranny,” added Saidam. “The International Association of Universities, Association of Arab Universities, parliamentary bodies, and human rights organizations have a responsibility now more than ever to raise their voices against such violations which arrogantly flout all the Occupation’s obligations toward the sanctity of academic institutions.”

Abuhijleh said that the Israeli Occupation’s violations, including the latest attack on Birzeit University’s campus, “will not break Birzeit University’s spirit.” Abuhijleh called for the immediate intervention of the international community and human rights organizations to protect Palestinian higher education institutions.

“Even in the face of the Occupation’s relentless attacks and violations, Birzeit University will continue to be a bastion of democracy and freedom of speech, and will continue to develop the Palestinian community,” added Abuhijleh.