Ministry of Culture Supports Birzeit Nights for Three Years

Birzeit University, represented by its president Abdullatif Abuhijleh, and the Ministry of Culture, represented by its Minister Ehab Bseiso, signed an agreement pledging ministry support for Birzeit Nights (Layali Birzeit) for three consecutive years (2018-2020). The signing ceremony was attended by Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al Ahmad.

The agreement aligns with the ministry and university’s mission to continue supporting Palestinian art and youth creativity in all disciplines, creating a new platform for partnerships that are able to cultivate a vibrant cultural scene in Palestine.

President Abuhjileh praised the long-standing partnership between the university and the ministry, noting that it has always been active in supporting the cultural and artistic activities at Birzeit University. This agreement, according to Abuhijleh, is “the fruit of this cooperation and partnership.”

Bseiso stressed the importance of enhancing the cultural role of Palestinian universities, by organizing different events and activities on a regular basis, to support, recognize, and showcase arts, culture, and talent. “Culture is our tool to maintain our identity. Birzeit Nights Festival is one of the rich events that achieves that by celebrating our heritage and folklore every year.”

Birzeit Nights Festival will commence on August 7 and run for two days, hosting different artists and folkloric shows.