In the Memory of Samih Darwazeh: Birzeit University Pays Tribute to Friend, Supporter Abu Al Said

The Date May 15, 2016 marks the one year anniversary of the passing of a great man. A father and mentor to all, a family man and an entrepreneur; a leader and a visionary; Hikma’s founding father H.E. Dr. Samih Darwazah. Let’s remember, instil and be inspired by his values and legacy.“Hikma employees come from different countries, different nationalities, different religions, and both genders but they all have one identity and one nationality in common: they are Hikma.” SDThroughout the course of a lifetime rich in achievements, Samih Darwazah rose to the heights of business success, creating a world-renowned legacy in the pharmaceutical industry as the founder of Hikma. However, perhaps even more noteworthy than his numerous professional triumphs were his leadership and humanitarian qualities. A responsible corporate citizen who truly believed in giving back to the community, he placed the wellbeing of his employees and customers first.He believed that good values are universal, some of which were close to his heart are; Education, Family, Investing in people, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Giving back, and Positive thinking.He believed in lifelong learning, mentoring and providing educational opportunities for others.“Employee education is an investment not an expense.” SDPeople were his priority; taking a genuine interest in others, treating people equally and with respect, being humble and approachable.“You’re truly the most effective leader when you’re serving others.” SDHe had an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit with a long term future vision, solving problems creatively as an alternative thinker.“Don’t be afraid to be different, being different or standing out from the crowd isn’t a bad thing.” SDHe was a true humanitarian; helping the underprivileged and giving back to his community.“Commit to giving back- to the world, to your family, your friends and those you work with, especially those less fortunate.” SDHe highly valued spending quality time with his family and providing them with his support.“Stay close to your family. They won’t be around forever. Neither will you. Enjoy the time together whenever you can find it.” SDHe was a positive thinker always turning obstacles into opportunities.“The only limits are limits we place on ourselves. You can accomplish just about anything with wisdom and reason, but only if you remain optimistic.” SD To share a personal memory or to write a testimonial in memory of Dr. Samih Darwazah please visit: