A meeting at the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies – BZU on "Wikileaks and its impact on diplomatic relations"

The Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies held on 9 December 2010, a meeting on the "Wikileaks and its impact on diplomatic relations" in which the Professor of History and International relations at BZU, Dr. Roger Heacock, and Professor of Political Science at BZU, Dr. Basem al-Zubaidi, have participated. The meeting was chaired by the Professor of History at BZU. Dr. Ra'ed Badr.

In this meeting, Dr. Heacock referred to the availability of two types of documents: direct reports and quotations, adding that the Israeli hegemony is not only unveiled , but is a phenomenon that is accepted by the Arab regimes, and security considerations will increase in various government bodies. Heacock  noted that the nature of the role of the diplomatic corps in comparison with other institutions has diminished, and the relationship between nations and countries have become more equal in the context of globalization, doubting the realistic argument that U.S. hegemony is collapsing because of Wikileaks. 

Dr. Zubaidi addressed the objectives of establishing the Wikileaks site such as transparency and the fight against corruption, adding that the target groups are small and big countries, in addition to political organizations. He pointed out that Wikileaks has no affect on the short term, due to  the lack of substantive information.