Meeting evaluates Experiential Learning Objects effects on school students

Birzeit University’s Center for Continuing Education (CCE) and the Palestinian Ministry of Education held a symposium to discuss the center’s Experiential Learning Objects (xLOBs) project, which aims to create an interactive, participatory learning environment in Palestinian classrooms, on March 2, 2020.  

Osama Mimi, the head of the Learning Innovation Unit at CCE, presented the project’s educational philosophy, giving an overview of its phases and outlining the successes it has achieved and the challenges it must overcome.

Ahmad Ammar, the general director of the supervision and educational rehabilitation department at the ministry, said that the ministry seeks to expand its local and international partnerships, aiming to effectively implement such programs at many schools to enrich the students’ learning processes and build their personalities.

Tharwat Zeid, the assistant undersecretary for educational affairs at the ministry of education, talked about the chronology of the project’s development, highlighting how the learning objects are being incorporated into Palestinian curricula.

Mohammad Mattar, the director of the ministry’s National Center for Educational Research and Development, presented the results of an evaluation study conducted by the national center on the effectiveness of Experiential Learning Objects and their relevance to Palestinian national priorities.