Meeting on college-to-university transfer program with Al Qasemi College of Engineering and Science

Medhat Othman, the head of Al Qasemi College of Engineering and Science, located in Baqa al-Gharbiyye, inside the Occupied Lands of 1948, visited Birzeit University and met with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Henry Giacaman. Both parties discussed the possibility of establishing a college-to-university transfer program.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Wasel Ghanem and Director of the External Academic Relations Office Amir Khalil attended the meeting.

Othman and Giacaman discussed the possibility of establishing a bridging program between the two institutions. They explored how the students who hold diplomas from Al Qasemi College can pursue bachelor’s degrees at Birzeit University in engineering specialties.

Giacaman talked about the university’s approach to encouraging Palestinians in the occupied lands of 1948 to study at Birzeit University and explained its efforts to increase the number of enrolled students from these areas at the university to stand against the Israeli policy of isolating Palestinians from the West Bank and the occupied lands of 1948.

Othman introduced the work of the college as a nationally recognized academic institution that fosters the professional and technical skills of its students in different fields, including sciences and engineering.