Media Researchers Gain Skills in Media Development Center Course

On October 22, 2014, the Birzeit University Media Development Center concluded a course for media researchers led by Arab media and political communication professor at the British University SOAS Dina Matar.

Seventeen local researchers in media, politics and humanities received 30 hours of training in media research, as Matar called for the modernization of media research in Palestine and abolishing traditional methodologies and techniques.

Matar says that Palestine must provide research that separates media from journalism in areas in transformation and conflict, and analyzes individuals’ and groups’ speech as part of public opinion.

Center director Nibal Thawabteh said that her institution is aimed at research, despite hardships and lack of resources, and as such is a milestone in media and press development in the search for qualitative teaching and practice of journalism as a career in the occupied Palestinian territories.

This training course was the second conducted by the Research and Policy Development Unit at the center. Unit coordinator Saleh Masharaqah said that the unit will produce four media research papers and three scientific articles on media in the West Bank, Gaza and occupied territories of 1948 as part of the project. The findings will be announced early next year through meetings and seminars for researchers and supervisors in media institutions.

The Swedish International Development Agency "Sida" supports and funds the specialized training sessions held by  the Media Development Center, in order to develop the media career in Palestine.