Media Research Course Teaches Survey Tools

The Birzeit University Media Development Center concluded a course on formulating questionnaires and operating related statistical analysis programs in order to conduct media research.

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Assistant President for Statistical Affairs Mohammed Qlaloh and other trainees developed training modules on media research, studies, and policies. The course was attended by journalists interested in media research and Birzeit University media graduate students.

The course duration was five days, which included 30 hours of training.

Center director Nibal Thawabteh said that this training aims to deepen media studies beyond the practice of the profession in order to provide in-depth readings of the Palestinian press.

Coordinator of the MDC Research and Media Policies Unit Saleh Masharqah said that, in order to bridge the gap in media research, the unit is working in 2014 on the production of five specialized research studies in digital broadcasting, public media, laws and media, gender and media and business ethics in the political struggle. This research will be conducted under the supervision of Palestinian professors from Birzeit University and Haifa University.