Media experts discuss realities, future of journalism in International Forum

Staff from the Media Development Center at Birzeit University took part in the first International Journalism Forum, held in the Tunisian capital Tunis, on November 15 - 17, 2018. Approximately 500 journalists and media experts from 30 media organizations around the world attended the forum.

The forum featured 16 workshops on various media-related topics such as constructive journalism, citizen journalism, media self-regulation, wartime journalism, digital safety for journalists, and the role of data and virtual reality in new media. 

The forum also included 12 seminars on the ethics of reporting in the digital age, the future of print media, women and the media, countering fake news, and freedom of the press. 

Saleh Masharqeh, the Research and Policy Unit coordinator at the Media Development Center, gave an interview on the forum’s radio in which he discussed improving and developing media training policies in the Arab countries, and called for the reassessment of journalism codes of conduct to include new technological advancements in media such as aerial drone photography.