Media Development Center Trains in Union Empowerment

Birzeit University’s Media Development Center began on August 26, 2014 a training course intended to empower the journalists’ union, supervised by Tunisian trainer I’tidal Majbarey, who serves as communications and media officer at the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research or CAWTAR.

In his opening address, head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, Abdel Nasir al-Najjar said that the syndicate encourages female journalists to join and participate in union elections. The event was in part targeted at attracting greater female participation in union activities.

The center’s monitoring and evaluation officer Imad Al-Asfar said that the training session is the second in a series supervised by its gender unit, as part of the National Strategic Media Plan, which is sponsored by MDC.

Majbarey gave an overview of the Tunisian media experience during the revolution, and the important role played by journalists in passing laws devoted to the practice and approach of freedom in civil society.

Gender unit coordinator Nahed Abu Taima confirmed that the training will be interactive and participatory, and will provide female participants with the opportunity to interact with experts in union work.

The five-day training session targeted female and male journalists working in various media agencies, media graduates, and members of the union who seek to run in Journalists Syndicate elections.