Media Development Center, Media Club, Female Journalists from Gaza Explore Paths to Empowerment

Female journalists from Gaza discussed the challenges and barriers in the media sector during a meeting organized by the Gender Unit at Birzeit University’s Media Development Center, in cooperation with the Media Club, a subsidiary of the Falastiniyat Foundation in Gaza City.


The female journalists requested that the center and club exert greater efforts to help them overcome gender obstacles.


Gender Unit officer Nahid Abu Taima spoke about the unit's activities and action plans for 2015, noting that several activities do target female journalists.

Abu Taima added that the center and club intends to support female journalists wishing to run for the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in the upcoming elections, which will be held in May.

Media club coordinator Mona Khader emphasized the importance of enhancing female journalists’ experiences and stressed the club’s eagerness to support them, particularly regarding their membership rights in the syndicate, or union.

During the meeting, the center also presented its training plan for 2015, as well as the work plan of the gender unit. In response to the female journalists’ needs, the club will continue conducting awareness and brainstorming sessions alongside training courses, Khader noted.