Media Development Center Launches "Voice of Villages” Project

The Media Development Center (MDC) at BZU in collaboration with the Heinrich Böell Foundation launched a project entitled “Voice of Villages" on 7 February 2012.
The launch was attended by representatives of 13 local radio stations.




MDC’s Director, Nibal Thawabteh, explained the idea of ​​the project, which is based on cooperation with local radio with representatives from those 13
stations being trained at MDC for the coming four months. The training topics include fact-finding, radio
story scenario writing, radio interviewing skills and methods, as well as radio story
editing. The
trainees are expected to produce
a series of radio stories dealing with Palestinian villages and citizens’ concerns as
well as details of daily life. The radio packages will be broadcasted via all partner stations.


This project is part of MDC’s strategy to enhance the creative thinking skills of local journalists and to develop radio
broadcasting through the production of a series of high quality radio stories.