Media Development Center Ends Gaza Training on Documentary Film Production

The Birzeit University Media Development Center screened five documentary films at the conclusion of intensive training in Gaza on documentary film production by Swedish director PeA Holmquist.


A number of Palestinian directors commented on the films’ implications and forms. The films addressed different aspects of the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip and its impact on Palestinian life.

The training session covered 90 training hours, commencing on December 1, 2014, and 25 female and male trainees participated.

The trainees were exposed to a variety of experiences inside the center’s headquarters, where Holmquist screened a number of films that won international awards and others produced by the center during previous exercises in the West Bank and Gaza.

The center has held this training course for three years running with the support of the Swedish International Development Agency. It targets female and male directors, aiming to develop their skills and capacities in the Palestinian documentary film industry.