Media Development Center Announces 2015 Training Courses

Birzeit University Media Development Center announced on February 5, 2015 the specialized training sessions it will hold this year, to be led by international, local and Arab trainers. The courses will cover various aspects of media education, including radio and TV, print media, new media, gender, and media research and policies.

The courses will target Birzeit University’s media staff and students and Gaza-based journalists, with 11 of the sessions to be held at the center’s headquarters in Gaza.

The Media Development Center seeks to integrate theory and practice, preparing Birzeit University media students for the labor market. This year’s training include: Preparing a News Report, The Art of the Feature Story, Techniques of Multimedia Journalism, The Laws and Ethics of Journalism and TV Reporting.

The courses are funded by the Swedish International Development Agency "Sida", and will start in March, continuing through the end of the year. More details are available at (Arabic).