Media Department, Jordan Media Institute to Work Together

Birzeit University’s Media Department and Jordan Media Institute have agreed to exchange experiences and work together in the media field.

An agreement signed by Birzeit University Faculty of Arts Dean Mehdi Arar and President of the Jordan Media Institute Bassam Twaisy created a framework for joint media publications and publishing, the exchange of books and periodicals, joint research projects in the areas of media and communication, and coordination in scientific conferences that address media topics and issues. The agreement also provides for joint lectures and workshops and cooperation in training and media projects.

The parties agreed to prepare an implementation plan to ensure that various activities proposed in the agreement take place in accordance with the bylaws of each party.

The agreement is part of the department’s continuous quest to build partnerships with universities, research centers and specialized media institutes in order to develop students' skills and keep in pace with modern media developments in order to secure job opportunities for its graduates.

The Jordan Media Institute is an academic institution affiliated with the University of Jordan and awards a master's degree in journalism and modern media.