Media Department Faculty Sign New Books on Religious Broadcasting

On April 7, 2014, book signings were held for two Birzeit University Media Department faculty members, Mohammed Abu al-Rub and Juman Qnais.  

Abu al-Rub’s book, “Religious Satellite Channels as Calls to Worship or Advertising,” was published by Al Mesbar Studies & Research Center in Dubai. In it, the author discusses the shifts in modern religious rhetoric and the politicization of religion, in addition to attempts to market religion and link it to market values.

Abu al-Rub said that the importance of the book lies in its attempt to understand the role of satellite channels in impacting the status quo in the Arab region where religious channels broadcast, through legal opinions related to Islamic law “fatwas” for murder and jihad and their large role in inciting and employing partisanship and sectarianism.

Qnais’ book, “Religious Satellite Channels: The Female Ideal and its Impact on Palestinian Women," is an in-depth study analyzing media discourse on religious channels through a public opinion poll conducted among 40 Palestinian women in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The ceremony was attended by department chair Bassam Owaida, faculty members, students and those interested.

Owaida commended the research efforts of faculty members, which resulted in the publication of five new books during the last semester.