Media and Gender Focus of Two New Studies

The Media Development Center has announced the publication of two studies on media and gender and how it plays out in Palestine.

The first study, conducted by Nahid Abu Ta'aimeh under the supervision of media professor Walid Shurafa, explores the key factors that affect the employability and performance of female journalists in Palestine. The research analyzes the reasons why female journalists and fresh graduates remain unemployed, concluding that there is a need for more gender sensitive employment policies.

The second study, entitled "Gender Mainstreaming and Blackout" prepared by Saleh Masharqa, offers an analysis of the role of the Palestinian news media in passing on "gender messages" as they relate to the institutions in power and the audience. The research provides a socio-economic, cultural, legal and political context for the issue and situates Palestine in the national context (like the Oslo Accords), those of international declarations (from Beijing to UNSCR 2013) and the context of colonization.

The two new publications are funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and part of the Media Research and Policy Series produced by the Media Development Center in 2016. All publications are available on (