Measures to be taken to improve public health preparedness and prevent and contain Coronavirus

Amidst ongoing health and safety concerns with the global outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, Birzeit University Council has taken the following decisions on March 4, 2020:

  • Launch an awareness campaign to help the campus community be mindful of precautionary practices;
  • Suspend all travel to and from campus, including students’ participation in international competitions and exchange opportunities. The university requires those who have traveled to undergo a medical examination;
  • Cancel the annual career day and use the university’s online portal to help students find employment;
  • Suspend the organization of international and local conferences;
  • Encourage the university’s visitors and all international delegations to be mindful about their visits to the university and update them regarding the university’s decisions;
  • Avoid mass gatherings and large events;
  • Form a crisis cell, headed by the university’s president, to monitor and manage updates related to the virus;
  • Form a committee, headed by the assistant to the presidents, to explore the possibility of using online teaching during times of emergency;
  • Form a committee, headed by the vice president for administrative and financial affairs, to manage administrative issues during times of emergency.