MDC team introduces Forsa Campaign to Gaza universities

A team from the Media Development Center at Birzeit University introduced the National Media Development Initiative to deans, lecturers, and students from Al-Quds Open University, the University College of Applied Sciences, and the Palestine Technical College, in a series of visits which will eventually include all universities in Gaza.

The team, which included Fathi Sabbah and Mohammad Al-Baz, briefed the attendees on the outcomes of the initiative, which culminated in the launch of the Forsa Campaign.

The outcomes include three new courses: Media and Gender, Media and the Law, and Media Ethics, as well as a number of bills of law – such as a revised version of the Publications Law – and documents on editing policies, self-regulation, and codes of conduct.

The MDC team explored possible channels of cooperation and coordination with the universities to improve the skills of media students and develop Palestinian media as a whole.

In a visit to Al Aqsa University, the team introduced media students to the Media and the Law course and handed out brochures and introductory documents. Kamal Al-Sharafi, president of Al Aqsa University, praised the efforts of the National Team and reaffirmed the importance of the cooperation between Al Aqsa University and Birzeit University.

Ayman Sobh, vice president for academic affairs at Al Aqsa University, applauded the contributions of media professors at Al Aqsa and other universities and emphasized the level of cooperation between Al Aqsa University and the Media Development Center.