Mathematics professor wins award for scientific research

Director of the Master’s Program in Mathematics at Birzeit University Abdelrahim Mousa won the Arab American University Award for Excellence in Scientific Research, for his study on the “Geometric Approaches and Bifurcations in the Dichotomous Decision Model.”

The award targets faculty members at Palestinian universities and aims to support quality scientific research in Palestinian higher education institutions. It honors distinguished researchers in Palestine and their efforts to publish their work in prestigious scientific journals with outstanding reputations.

In his research, Mousa studies two geometric approaches to construct all possible decisions tiling. Each decision tiling indicates the way the Nash equilibria co-exist and change with the relative decision preferences of the individuals. The professor concludes that the Nash domains for the pure and mixed strategies and characterize the space of all parameters where the pure Nash equilibria are either cohesive or disparate.

Full research is available here: Geometric approaches and bifurcations in the dichotomous decision model